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Register with Seeviews and instantly enhance your customer's hotel experience. Seeviews brings the guest closer to your brand through the exciting and powerful medium of photo and video reviews. Plus, you get fast, accurate and priceless feedback (even during a stay) of how you can improve your hotel's offerings and stay-experience

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The written review is almost dead.

Written reviews are just not as reliable or valuable as they used to be. Ever-increasing instances of fake and even fraudulent reviews have resulted in increased skepticism. Consumer trust in written hotel reviews is in decline and risks undermining overall trust in the market. In addition to this, written reviews almost always are submitted after a hotel stay, leaving no room to fix an issue during a stay.

Seeviews plugs all the leaks that have sprung around written review. Our airtight photo and video reviews are near-impossible to fake. If a picture tells a million words, Seeviews can safely say that our photo and video review will give a hotel volumes of valuable information to help you improve your brand experience, and contribute to your bottom line.

Proof of the pudding is in the eating.
Proof of a stay is in the photo and video review watching!

Our photo and video review format presents guests questions that a hotel will want answers to. Best part is, guests will be providing their invaluable insights and opinions using their own smart phone cameras. By simply pointing at the things and places in your hotel that they want to talk about during their stay, Seeviews will guide them through the rest of the review. Whatever is recorded is then automatically transformed into brilliant looking photo and video reviews, and uploaded to your Seeviews marketing dashboard. The reviews will provide valuable learnings, plus are the most effective marketing content material for your hotel.

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